Medium-sized bird is characterized by a bluish gray color of the male at the top and white bottom with a black outline.
The male is darker in color than the female, which tends to color to reddish brown.
Beak cylindrical curved bottom and legs short, yellowish orange, the wings are wide.
A method similar to the eagle flying even if you saw it from afar pressure not to differentiate among it and the hawk .

This bird lives in open spaces and trees and medium-length flight rapid, low-rise, and its voice came to its name (Coco) The female voice of appeal, such as water bubbles.

These birds are characterized as solitary as a single move during the migration season, and stay long in the place where the landing.
Their principal food is insect larvae.

In research conducted by Australian scientists (in the Australian National University and the University of Cambridge) show that the bird is developing eggs in the nests of birds of another kind, this process is a fake fool the other birds to feeding their young and give them attention.

After observing a long time to this bird, the researchers found something strange
Is that after the Cuckoo to develop their young in the nests of other birds,
the small bird noises the new mother to raise emotions!

what surprises scientists:
how to identify these small birds on the correct sound,
they found that after leaving the small chick from the egg
doing the same type of suit peep jumper located.

In a strange experience researchers decided to discover the secret in that,
they change the little bird's nest and transferred to the nest of a bird of another kind,
and put the loudspeakers and then analyzed by the twittering launch this bird,
researchers were stunned when they found that the bird modifies the quality of sounds which were pronounced manner that responds to his new bird.

Breed this species in Europe and Asia, Iran and India .

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