Bird Flight All About Birds and More

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Beautiful bird, his color is gray with black & white lines, Tends to be reddish in the chest are,
In adult birds beak and legs are bright red.
Has a strong wings and sudden and rapid flight, but it prefers to walk and run. could be seen in the early morning or just before sunset because partridge does not love the hot whether, therefore, spends most of the day inside the bushes

partridge belong with the family of pheasant, which includes 48 known species of types of 221 species living in all regions of the world. Among the species are common in the family Genus Lerwa and Snow Partridge and Przevalski's Partridge and Chukar and Sand Partridge

Male bird more beautiful than the female partridge
The partridge birds prepare their nests above the ground and females lay the eggs until hatching.

Partridges are a plumped birds
The average length of about 30 cm,
it prefers running to flying, but when feeling threatened it fly away,
It has a great ability to disguise and camouflage between the rocks and forests,
helped by the colors gray and brown, which does not differ from the color of the surrounding environment and when they feel threatened issue a warning sounds distinctive.
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Partridge is a friend of the environment
it feeds on plants and grains, & get rid of harmful insects.

Often live in pairs and flocks will be before the breeding season and during the season, in the spring during the months of March and April of each year
Females Bleaching about 15 eggs in the nest
The nest is a hole in the ground under the shrubs and herbs or near them.

Although the birds are often Partridge settlement but some migrate in the migration season,
Are exposed, like other birds to poaching in his home, besides being at risk of threatened natural enemies, such as foxes and wild cats and birds of prey.
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