Bird Flight All About Birds and More

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white cheeks

unique and beautiful and handsome,
raised at home it adds joy and pleasure and it is characterized by intelligence and good cohabitation and ease of Education,
and it is characterized by familiar with its owner.
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Bulbul spread dramatically in the Arab Gulf states and it is located in agricultural areas with dense squabbling where it can find food and water.

The Bulbuls builds their nests on palm trees and use palm fibers, and sticks for building the nest
where the bulbuls wrapping materials to make the nest.

The Bulbuls movements very attractive moves, move their wings slowly for 10 to 30 seconds almost, ruffles its feathers, approaching the body forward in the direction of the land, open their beaks and make a law voice.
After mating the female laying about 2-3 eggs, the eggs are dotted with purple and black,
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male and female take turns to incubate, after 15 days of lying in eggs it hatch and alternating male and female to raise young.
young rely on parents until come out of the nest.

Male voice is stronger than the female and the body of the male is greater than the female,
females are more erections than the male on stand, the male's tail is longer than the female,
in females the yellow color is less brighter than the males.

its body is gray, it have a black head and beak, and feathers on the head in the shape of a triangle
cheek of the bird is white, black tail and the end of the tail is white

Bulbul feeds on fruits and vegetables of all kinds especially the dates because it have large number of vitamins and minerals important and necessary for the feed on apple slices and pieces of oranges, grapes, guavas, pears, papayas, they feed on insects to take enough protein, especially during the period of rearing their babes.
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