Bird migration

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 Bird migration
 .. Mysterious behavior .. It is a world that contains many marvels
Total bird species in the world (8600 to 9016) species, Concentrated mostly in the tropical forests of South America
The number of species that breed around (2500) type.

Including «1700» type breed in the State of Colombia alone ..

What is the meaning of immigration
Immigration in the broad sense: the transmission of large numbers of birds from one place to another ..
 Mass movements of birds between two places apart »
In many legends that these birds come down from heaven

Why do birds migrate
No definitive answer to this question, but the migration of birds is instinctive ..
The scholars differed as to know the reasons that some of them attributed to the change in temperature
 and lack of food, and some of them due to it is «instinctively» ..
 Where birds return to old nests in the summer after a winter on the basis that all birds
 originating in the original tropical, and some are looking for regions where there are more economical
sources of food and migratory birds are able to survive and to maintain the kinds of extinction ..

How is the migration of birds
Some birds migrate during the day and this can be seen ..This species have the power during flight.
And pick up some of their own food during flight .. Such as «geese - Falcons - ducks - Swallow»
There are birds migrate at night and these types of low capacity in the aviation and cowardly
 where feel safe when they start under the cover of darkness and the birds pick their own food during
 the day at a stop or a trip day as short as the «turtule dove - Alassao- quail - Algarora or« bee » and others,
 there are some birds migration to get out of their nests high in the mountains to the lower slopes and valleys
 at the onset of winter, these species cut only short distances.
What is the heights of bird
Recent studies have shown that some birds reach a height «5000» feet  and only a small number of flocks
 of migratory birds are rarely more than to rise «3000»feet.
That most of the flight - especially at night - less than half of this rise and there are
types of swans - ducks - geese »reaches a height of« 8000 »to the« 9000 »feet ..
 And some Waterbirds up to «12 000»
The speed during the flight, most birds fly at speeds of «20-40» miles per hour,
and there are many discrepancies among them,
atmosphere and height, affect on speed  and there is little birds have more speed  than (100) Miles per hour ..

Flight planning
Birds have their own world, flying in an orderly, and often change the composition during
 the flight and then return the assembly once again behind the bird takes a specific process of leadership.
They behave as one way to go and come back and take large birds responsibility to teach their young
 through the migration experience has shown that birds had enormous ability to identify trends and despite

the fact that immigration is closely linked to the change in the length of the day,  temperature,  humidity, direction of the wind and physical composition,
including the accumulation of fat in the body of the bird in preparation for the flight that need to be more energy.

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